Thursday, April 26, 2012

Set List. Done.

Yeehaw! Small production team meeting last night ended with a VERY satisfying set list for our musicians to perform. We're going with an appropriate theme, but I'm going to let the actual music be a surprise for your ears. Suffice to say our trio of hot lady musicians will be practicing and ready to perform. Why, some of them may even be single and available!

If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, or you haven't started following the blog, or you're thinking about becoming a contestant but haven't yet sent an email, DO IT!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Business Cards.Done.

Eek! One more brick in the wall, our new business cards are being uploaded to Vistaprint (after I wangle a better price from them). Here's what they'll look like!

How excited are y'all for this? Probably not half as excited as I am. But here's the list of MORE production stuff that needs to get done (if someone tries to tell you producing a live show is a piece of cake, ask them who their baker is):

Find venue for pre-show and after party in Davis Square
Nail down entertainers
Audition, confirm, and prep contestants
Sell the holy hell out of the tickets!
Print up flyers to distribute at Queer Prom and other such events
Finalize patter and surprises
Get props
Decide on setlist for band
Find tech for lighting/sound board
FIND videographer (eek!)

If anyone reads this and wants internship credits, or just to pitch in with cash, time, or advice/networking, please feel VERY free :)

Production Crew Shout Outs

Yo! My production team is largely made up of friends, working for credit and exposure, and they deserve more than just a shout-out, but that's what's on offer right now. Thank the goddess I've got some grrreat friends. Find out more:

Theresa "Thanks for riding the T" Condito, my fabulous co-host

Alex "I'm not a designer" Fuentes, production assistant

Gaby "Sure, I'll be on the show" Weiss, moral supporter

Jen "I know you want to date me" Mann, my amazing covalent bond (AKA the woman of my dreams)

Keep checking back for bios and videos of contestants, production team members, updates, and more fun stuff.

New Developments

So I've rounded up one more contestant, I think y'all will love her. Also, plans in motion to start putting video of contestants and potentials up on the blog so you can get a preview of the kind of women you might meet at the Show.

Tickets are still available, so get yours now. If you're not single but you're reading this, encourage your single friends to come, whether as contestants or members of the audience, so at least you'll put a stop to the whining for an evening :)

Also, feel free to make comments and suggestions on this blog if you've ideas for the Show.

Friday, April 20, 2012


I was trying to find the link to this blog and some other promotional stuff for a friend who said she'd like to help promote the Show and typed the name into Google. Imagine my surprise when it came up on the first page, in the first 3 unpaid slots thanks to listing it with Eventbrite.

I'm not pimping eventbrite because I don't think even one ticket has been sold via that site, but they DID get me on the front page of Google, which must count for something. It was just a neat experience to realize that it IS out there, it IS developing quite a crush on the lesbian community, and I think the feeling will be mutual.

Still selling tickets, still auditioning contestants. Get your email to me so you can sign up for a slot to audition, or get your name on the list for a ticket.

$10 in advance, $12 at the door.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Get The Lesbian Dating Game

You may be asking yourself how you can get yours...your next date, your next big thing, your next good time. I hope you're asking. Here's the 411:

Tickets are $10 pre-paid, $12 at the door. You can email your name and the number of tickets you want, and we'll put your name down.

There IS a strict policy of holding spots until 7:25, at which time seats will be sold to the next person in line, as we have a limited number of tickets available, so get there a little early and grab a glass of red or a beer.

If you'd like to be a contestant we are holding auditions and have a questionnaire to fill out. If you shoot us an email, we'll let you know more about the process.

And oh, yeah, the nuts and bolts:

Three contestants. Thirty potential dates. Two hosts. Two rounds of prepared questions, and one round of wild-card questions from the audience. We'll get down to the truth about what these contestants want, and why you should give them your number. Everyone gets a pencil and paper, and the opportunity to give your information to whomever you find attractive. Find the best of speed dating, a game show, and a meet up group all in one evening.

Perhaps this should have been the first post. But now you have the knowledge, and that is half the battle. The other half is getting off your butt and taking the next step.

Trepidation! and Greetings!

Today's word is "Trepidation!" The punctuation is important.

trepidation  (ˌtrɛpɪˈdeɪʃən)
— n
a state of fear or anxiety

Yep. I'm a first-timer, in producing a live show, that is. This makes me a little nervous and a lot excited to get things rolling. Of course with most other things, I'm not so much a stranger. Especially dating. Well, dating women, that is. As a "gold star gay" that's all I've ever dated anyhow, and our simple story begins when I moved to Boston and started dating like my life depended on it.

Eight years and roughly 400 dates later, I've adopted the persona of the Dyke Date Doctor, become semi-infamous, penned a short guide "The Last Best Lesbian Dating Guide" and started The Lesbian Dating Game, a show for edutainment, opportunity, and a good time like you've never had before.

The mission of The Lesbian Dating Game is to provide a way for all women who want to date other women (in any context, we don't judge) to see, be seen, and meet women in a relaxed, fun, unique atmosphere. In other words, I want to put the Craigslist "Missed Connections" section into the hands of the woebegone and psychotic. I want it to be extraneous, because you're going to have no need after this show.

I want women (all of us) to start taking advantage of the opportunities we're given living a city the size of Boston, with a thriving and vibrant queer community and a TON (at least 400, and counting) of available women, and live up to our potential.

Opportunity is knocking courtesy of the Lesbian Dating Game, you should definitely answer.