Monday, April 23, 2012

Business Cards.Done.

Eek! One more brick in the wall, our new business cards are being uploaded to Vistaprint (after I wangle a better price from them). Here's what they'll look like!

How excited are y'all for this? Probably not half as excited as I am. But here's the list of MORE production stuff that needs to get done (if someone tries to tell you producing a live show is a piece of cake, ask them who their baker is):

Find venue for pre-show and after party in Davis Square
Nail down entertainers
Audition, confirm, and prep contestants
Sell the holy hell out of the tickets!
Print up flyers to distribute at Queer Prom and other such events
Finalize patter and surprises
Get props
Decide on setlist for band
Find tech for lighting/sound board
FIND videographer (eek!)

If anyone reads this and wants internship credits, or just to pitch in with cash, time, or advice/networking, please feel VERY free :)