Saturday, April 14, 2012

Trepidation! and Greetings!

Today's word is "Trepidation!" The punctuation is important.

trepidation  (ˌtrɛpɪˈdeɪʃən)
— n
a state of fear or anxiety

Yep. I'm a first-timer, in producing a live show, that is. This makes me a little nervous and a lot excited to get things rolling. Of course with most other things, I'm not so much a stranger. Especially dating. Well, dating women, that is. As a "gold star gay" that's all I've ever dated anyhow, and our simple story begins when I moved to Boston and started dating like my life depended on it.

Eight years and roughly 400 dates later, I've adopted the persona of the Dyke Date Doctor, become semi-infamous, penned a short guide "The Last Best Lesbian Dating Guide" and started The Lesbian Dating Game, a show for edutainment, opportunity, and a good time like you've never had before.

The mission of The Lesbian Dating Game is to provide a way for all women who want to date other women (in any context, we don't judge) to see, be seen, and meet women in a relaxed, fun, unique atmosphere. In other words, I want to put the Craigslist "Missed Connections" section into the hands of the woebegone and psychotic. I want it to be extraneous, because you're going to have no need after this show.

I want women (all of us) to start taking advantage of the opportunities we're given living a city the size of Boston, with a thriving and vibrant queer community and a TON (at least 400, and counting) of available women, and live up to our potential.

Opportunity is knocking courtesy of the Lesbian Dating Game, you should definitely answer.

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